The Upstairs Gallery was designed as a 1940’s Wakaw Main Street depicting a House, Schoolroom, Library, Gem Theater, Hospital, and Red & White Store.

The 1942 Residence display features a kitchen, bedroom, living room & dining room.

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The Schoolroom has an extensive library selection including law books, school books, Ukrainian Volumes, school learning resources, & Wakaw School year books.

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The Gem Theater includes and original movie projector, reels, posters, and seats, all from the Gem Theater.

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The Hospital features an extensive medical display, depicts the history of Anna Turnbull Hospital, and houses many artifacts donated by Dr. Scott, Dr. Cenaiko, and the Wakaw Hospital.

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The Red and White Store contains many of the original display cabinets from the original Red and White Store, with numerous artifacts that were donated by Steve and Rose Latos, who owned the Red and White Store for many years.

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The Downstairs Gallery is home to the classrooms which became the Washer, Stove & Wildlife display.

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The Military Display contains numerous historical artifacts, along with well-preserved uniforms, many of which were donated by the Ed Brunanski family.

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The museum also has a Shoemaker’s Shop and an extensive Camera Display.

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The Main Auditorium, which is now called the McCullough Room was the vision of Neil and Isabel McCullough, depicting a 1950’s Boom Town, complete with a Barn, Blacksmith, Garage, Elevator, Butcher, and Carpentry exhibits. This area will soon be the site of the newly constructed display representing the Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Cemetery Church.

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The Bell Tower outside of the museum houses the refurbished bell from the original Wakaw Town Hall.

The John G. Diefenbaker Law Office is a replica of the original law office of John Diefenbaker from 1919 to 1925.

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Plans to construct a cabinet to house a collection of approximately 100 die cast tractor models received from Martin Jungworth of Cudworth; his father started the collection in the 1940’s, are currently under way.

Wakaw Heritage Museum is always looking for STRONG, able bodied volunteers who are interested in helping with new displays and to prepare areas for use. Once we are able to remove the old boiler we will have the ability to expand our usable floor space.

In 2017 we saw approximately 350 visitors in the museum. Funds to operate the museum are raised by our Annual Gala / Silent Auction and by visitor donations.