History with HeART: Wakaw Heritage Museum’s initiative, History with HeART, a community history and visual arts program, was launched in January of 2017. Our program was brought about with assistance from The Wakaw Recreation Board and funding from Saskatchewan Lotteries. With the co-operation of Wakaw School, the sessions take place during school hours. WHM recognizes this as a significant liaison between education and community.

The Museum’s goal is to engage children in activities that instill or affirm a love of history and a love of art and realize the magic that can happen when the two are brought together.

Our program takes place in the Bonne Madone one room school house that is attached to the museum proper. Having the children there gives better access to the artifacts available and most importantly creates the atmosphere of “way back when”.

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Museum Christmas Gala & Carol Festival: Each year the Museum hosts its annual fundraiser in the form of a Silent Auction / Christmas Gala. It has been the pleasure of the Museum Board to partner with Wakaw Seniors, Club 99, for the past several years to combine the Gala with the Annual Carol Festival.